St. John Island Iguana: Conservation or Eradication

Island Iguana

Courtesy of WiderAngle Productions
Courtesy of WiderAngle Productions

St. John island in the U.S. Virgin Islands gives rise to some new questions about the interaction between iguana species and human primates. Crystal Fortwrangler from Wider Angle Productions along with some of her production staff ( Renata Platenberg & Jessica Bellas) join James Tintle and John F Taylor regarding not only some of their discoveries but also some of their personal insights as well. What shall we do with the ever expanding population of iguanas on the island?



  • Are the iguanas actually native?

  • Human encounters good or bad?

  • Native opinions on Island Iguana? (1/3 of an acre with 100 Free Roaming Iguanas) Yes we’re    serious.

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