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About Us here at The Reptile Living Room. The Reptile Living Room is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Reptile Apartment Group. We are an internet radio show (podcast) which began with the idea that we couldn’t find any regularly updated podcasts regarding reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates being kept in captivity in the iTunes store. Obviously we aren’t the only podcast out there today. However, we are one of the very few independent and the oldest independent reptile podcast available.

“So what do we do here?

Essentially, when we first started we thought people would be interested in hearing what their favorite breeders and those whom they respected in the industry were doing. We interviewed a lot of ‘moguls’ as you’ll see in our Interview with an Expert series. We noticed and then eventually asked you if you enjoyed more of the science type of interviews and we heard a resounding


So we changed the format to interview some more of the scientific community and as of April 2013 we have dedicated a whole category to our scientific interviews.  We want to invite you to come into the Reptile Living Room, take your coat off, have a seat with your favorite beverage and enjoy the series of interviews with scientists, industry experts, and all of our guests who are shaping and changing the herpetoculture & herpetology world as we know it today.

Interview with an Expert is our series where we talk with the industry movers and shakers about how they got their start, what changes they’ve seen since they started and more.  To that end we have been graced with the presence of such moguls as Robert Applegate of Applegate Reptiles, Marcia McGuiness of Golden Gate Geckos, Julie Bergman of Gecko Ranch, Jules Sylvester of Reptile Rentals, and many more.

Our other series known as Herp Chat is dedicated specifically to the audience members who are interested in learning the specifics of caring for their particular species of reptile that they are keeping.  Once again rather than mimic the other shows that are available we call on actual experts who have multiple years of experience of keeping and reproducing their chosen species.  In Herp Chat the experts themselves take us through all the aspects of selecting a healthy herp, bringing it home, setting up the proper enclosure, and even breeding that specific species in some cases.

The Reptile Round Table is a series where we talk with todays experts about legislation and many other topics that imapct our reptile community. Come join us.

There is something for everyone here in the Reptile Living Room and we again cordially invite you to come in and have a seat with us.  We understand that the world of herpetoculture is one in constant flux and we invite your own personal insights and comments either on the blog itself or on iTunes where you can rate the shows.  If there’s something specific you’d like to see covered please email us directly or head over to the contact us page and fill out the form there.


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