How to be a Better Reptile Photographer

We’ve got to give it up to our Executive Producer Chad Byrnes for this episode of the Reptile Living Room 2.0 Live! He came up with the idea and ran with it all the way for what is a game winning touch down. If you ever wanted to know the tips and tricks of the professional photographers who make a living at what they do, then this episode is a must listen.

We’re joined by RC from Dancing Snake Nature Photography and Cody Conway of Wild Imaging as they share the tips and tricks of being a better reptile photographer, both in and out of the field in the captive environment, processing, lighting, and much more.

Reptile Life: Pros & Cons of Social Media in Herpetoculture

Social Media CircusSocial Media & Herpetoculture can be a minefield of various choices. Which social outlet should you be using to promote sales? Customer relations within social media and much more are covered this week as James, John, & Chad speak directly with the Tribe about their experiences & share some of the techniques used to gain audience and close more sales.