Reptile Life: Pros & Cons of Social Media in Herpetoculture

Social Media CircusSocial Media & Herpetoculture can be a minefield of various choices. Which social outlet should you be using to promote sales? Customer relations within social media and much more are covered this week as James, John, & Chad speak directly with the Tribe about their experiences & share some of the techniques used to gain audience and close more sales.

When Disaster Strikes: Protecting your Reptile

Natural Disasters can happen at any time. We often forget until it’s too late that we should have a disaster or emergency plan in place. Our reptiles depend on us for their survival and for many keepers reptiles are part of the family. In this weeks episode we talk with a diverse panel who’ve experienced natural disasters both big and small while owning reptiles. Learn the tips and tricks to keep your reptiles safe.

Frilled Warrior joins Wounded Warriors

Frilled Warrior Project
Frilled Warrior Project

The Frilled Warrior Project has been developed by Aquatic Oak owner Deloy Davison as he wanted to give back to the servicemen & women defending the freedoms of the United States. Deloy made the decision to combine his passion for reptiles with his incredible generous spirit. After a long journey, Aquatic Oaks developed what has come to be known as the

Frilled Warrior Project

One lucky person can win an entire Frilled Lizard set-up simply by making a small purchase. It gets better, the money you spend to get the bumper sticker and or shirt; almost 90% goes right to the Wounded Warrior Project which was designed to assist any and all veterans returning home. We ask our listeners and specifically our Tribe to please support this incredible cause. You might just win the entire prize package. Deloy also has committed to delivering the entire set-up to ANYWHERE in the Continental United States. Our Canadian listeners call also win. Details are in the video!