Social Snakes | Rattlesnakes and Family Values

Melissa Amarello whom our audience may be familiar with from previous recorded interviews is back with us again of course we’re discussing social snakes but this time around she’s got a¬†new project to boot! Advocates for Snake Preservation is her latest project encouraging education and outreach. Join us as we learn about rattlesnake families their behaviours and much more.

Ask the Vet 2

Ask the Vet 2 is where we invited some of our past guests and our new author to relay some of the most common ailments within herpetoculture. Join Dr. Waffa, Dr. Bruce Bogoslavsky, and Christina Miller for an open dialogue which examines not only

‘Can reptiles really drink through their butt?’

We also discuss metabolic bone disease, enrichment, and much more!

Axolotls and Comics with Ethan Kocak

Axolotls and comic books might sound like an unusual match but when you’re the author/creator of one of todays most followed web comic The Black Mudpuppy, then not only is it a perfect match, it’s a perfect match made in, well Mictlan that would be Aztec for ‘hell’. That’s right what’s more exciting than a mountain dwelling retired journalist with a bowel disruptor? You guessed it, a neotenic salamander¬†with razor wit and more! Join our panel with Ethan Kocak as we discuss glowing proteins, metamorphoses, and much more!