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Herpetological Societies and Herpetoculture

Herpetological Societies have been around since herpetoculture’s earliest recorded history with the ASIH. In this episode we speak with some herp society board members about their thoughts on how herp societies have impacted herpetoculture over the years and what the future holds with the new advent of social media.

Women of Herpetoculture & Herpetology: Melissa Coakley

Melissa Coakley of Snake Hunting Chick kicks off a new series for us with this interview. Now, before you get to thinking this is a feature similar to articles or talks you may have seen before let me enlighten you now. This is a series that began when a colleague took a comment made by a prominent figure in the community as being misogynistic. Something was said akin to ‘We need to reach out to the soccer moms of the reptile community…’ Whether it was meant as misogynistic or not I am not sure. Regardless, some women in the community took offense. It got me thinking about the tendencies of some males to treat women differently and well you can now hear for yourself the results of these interviews.

Kathy Love of Corn Utopia

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Kathy Love literally wrote the book on the captive care of Corn Snakes and she talks with us in this exclusive interview about not only Corn Snakes but also about Amazon Tree Boas, herp registries, as well as the past, present, and future of herpetoculture! She shares with us an incredible amount of knowledge that can only be gained by decades of experience within in an industry that she has such passion for. Join us as we walk down memory lane with one of, if not the premier breeder of Corn Sakes today. You can also find her at CornUtopia.  She and her husband Bill also run Reptile Rally and Blue Chameleon Ventures.