World Lizard Day Celebration with Davids Fine Geckos

08.14.14 is officially World Lizard Day which we’ve come to discover was originated by a mentor/colleague of ours.

Allen Salzberg whom many of us know as . I’ve looked up to Allen as a journalist and specifically as one who is constantly reporting on reptiles and herpetoculture as well as herpetology. No one else does this stuff. Anyway, Allen in honour of your wishes we  will proudly begin a tradition. Every year we will have a donation fund to a specific lizard conservation fund on World Lizard Day. Thanks to Allen Salzberg for starting this. Our guest tonight in celebration of World Lizard Day is none other than Mr. Class himself David of Davids Fine Geckos. David talks with us about leopard geckos and the ins and outs of morphs and much more.