Herp Chat

Herp Chat is where we talk with specific experts regarding their particular species that they work with on a daily basis.  We also conduct some shorter updates here on herpetoculture legislation In Herp Chat they reveal not only the captive care requirements but also the best practices that they personally use to maintain their chosen species in a healthy environment. For a more in depth interview with breeders and experts come see our Interview with an Expert Series

Nephurus Species Marcia McGuiness Golden Gate Geckos

Chuckwallas Dr. Douglas Dix Deerfern Farms

Day Geckos Julie Bergman Gecko Ranch

Veiled Chameleons Ryan Jarosek

Reptile Genetics Steve Sykes Geckos Etc

Pictus Geckos with Ryan Jarosek

Andrew Wyatt & The Constrictor Ban Update 2011

Andrew Quinn of ZooMed talks turtle and tortoise feeding

Herp Politics: USARK & PIJAC


4 thoughts on “Herp Chat

  1. Hi, my leopard gecko has a swollen eye that she won’t open or use, and she refuses to eat any food. I was wondering if you could help me

  2. Hello i want to get a leopard gecko but i do not want any bugs in my house. So i was wondering if i can not feed it any bugs or do i have to get a crested gecko

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