Herp Chat with Marcia McGuiness Nephurus Species

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Marcia McGuiness chats with us about the captive care of the Nephurus species of Australian Geckos

2 thoughts on “Herp Chat with Marcia McGuiness Nephurus Species

  1. I was very contented listening to this interview while feeding my army of 500 crested geckos until I got to the part when you start hating on my creature of choice. I don’t really like the overall look of leopard geckos despite their interesting colors, but I usually keep this simple matter of taste to myself, especially when leo keepers are in the vicinity. You don’t need to love cresteds, but realize that other people do and moreover, they’re listening. Oh, and I don’t think anyone can reasonably argue that keeping some powder in the fridge to mix with water for cresteds is harder than acquiring/cultivating, gut loading, dusting, and dolling out bugs to obligate insectivores. Otherwise I have been enjoying many of your interviews. Thank you.

    1. Erica, very good points. I think most of my opinion comes from the hype in the industry about Crested Geckos. You’re absolutely correct that we have listeners that do own Crested Geckos such as yourself. On the same token I will always be honest about my personal opinions about topics. While it is true about the food vs. gut loading insects I would imagine that no one can reasonably argue the fact that if they live in a dry, hot environment such as myself that Crested Geckos are not something which would be easily kept as their requirements would be difficult to meet.
      In closing, I think we can see we both have some fair points and that we could agree opinions are a major part of this industry and all should be respected. I hope you will remain an avid listener and please continue commenting and providing us feedback as this is the only way we can improve the show.

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