Andrew Wyatt answers “What is USARK?”

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While we were at the Pomona Reptile SuperShow we had the opportunity to sit with Andrew Wyatt President of United States Association of Reptile Keepers which is usually called USARK by most.  We asked Andrew to explain what is USARK and why is it important to the reptile community.  He of course obliged us and not only that but he talked about the recent victories, the on going war, as well as where the money is going when you donate to USARK. If you want to visit them you can find them at

4 thoughts on “Andrew Wyatt answers “What is USARK?”

  1. Great job getting the word out! I’m linking this in a note on FB that I will also post in a couple reptile websites.

    1. Thank you Rebecca, we really appreciate your support. We look forward to bringing you more great information via the radio show soon. We ask all who comment to drop by iTunes and give us a rating as well as this enables us to reach more people. Thanks again,
      Happy Herping
      John F Taylor

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