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Herp Politics: USARK & PIJAC

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PoliticsHerp Politics is a fact that everyone; keepers, breeders, and dealers must all accept as a reality in this industry. Legislation is going to happen and has already had significant impacts within our industry. However, the thing that seems to be constantly overlooked as we scan the social networks and news feeds as new organizations are created and members leave other organizations is what this means to the keepers. Rumor and speculation are rampant right now and everyone is interviewing the boards of these organizations to

‘get the facts’

Which is great, we need that, we need to comprehend what has occurred and what the future holds. What we here at the Reptile Apartment Group believe is missing though is this. All of these organizations claim to represent the ‘industry’ and I haven’t really heard much in the way of how we the industry are going to be impacted by this. I mean let’s be honest

‘don’t we have enough soap operas about who screwed who?’

To that end, we decided to ask one of the most prolific speakers about animal (specifically reptiles) welfare that truly represents our industry and is not afraid to call the shots as they are. We spoke with Chris Law of Central Florida Zoological Services about what this could all mean for the industry. In this interview we don’t speculate and throw conjecture we examine the facts and what we would like to see happen regardless of who’s at the helm. Will the people be heard? Only time will tell, we invite your commentary below.

Python Ban: A Reptile Roundtable

In this inaugural episode of what will be many of the Reptile Round Table I sit down with a broad participatory audience of keepers, herpers, and breeders to ascertain what steps to take next to prevent further action against our community. Please welcome Chris Law of Crocodopilis, Melissa Coakley of Snakehuntingchick.com, Marcia McGuiness of Golden Gate Geckos, and Jason White of Daily Reptile News. All of these folks literally came together at a few hours notice and helped me put this round table together so please show them some love and click on their respective sites as these are the true warriors and voices fighting for our community through education and much more!

Closed Door Reptile Regulation, Snakes being banned from public park, and a Free Snake Hook!

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Not only are people trying to get snakes eradicated from a local park, but Ohio is having closed door meetings on reptile regulation! Jason and I are also talking about giving away a custom snake hook! Language in this episode is NSFW.