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Field Herping the United States

Field Herping the United States takes a look into both sides of the field herping niche of herpetoculture & herpetology. Our guests this show are Chip Cochran of Loma Linda University & Rhett Stanberry of Florida.

Ask the Vet

Ask the Vet!

In this special broadcast of Reptile Livingroom 2.0 Live we sit down with an international panel of veterinarians . We discuss not only their drive to become veterinarians and much more, we also had our viewers ask questions during our live broadcast which were answered by our vets on the air!

Reptile Livingroom 2.0 Live Cinematography & Herpetoculture

Reptile Livingroom 2.0 Live Premiere

Cinematography & Herpetoculture with Ray Morgan of the Venom Interviews & Myke Clarkson of Gurney Productions

We kicked this premiere off with a bang to say the least. The guest line up of Ray Morgan & Myke Clarkson is no accident we wanted to get the inside information on battling against the current fear mongering media which is being produced by network television. Join us as we discuss the forefathers of using reptiles in mass media Ray Harryhausen & much more!