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Reptile Livingroom 2.0 Live Cinematography & Herpetoculture

Reptile Livingroom 2.0 Live Premiere

Cinematography & Herpetoculture with Ray Morgan of the Venom Interviews & Myke Clarkson of Gurney Productions

We kicked this premiere off with a bang to say the least. The guest line up of Ray Morgan & Myke Clarkson is no accident we wanted to get the inside information on battling against the current fear mongering media which is being produced by network television. Join us as we discuss the forefathers of using reptiles in mass media Ray Harryhausen & much more!

Ray Morgan: The Venom Interviews Part 2





Ray Morgan completes our exclusive interview regarding The Venom Interviews by giving his personal views on venomous keepers and another exclusive! A free trailer to The Venom Interviews! Check out the Exclusive Trailer here!

Dr. William K. Hayes of Loma Linda University talks Rattlesnakes

In this episode of Interview with an Expert we talk with Dr. William K. Hayes about not only his career and how he got started in reptiles but we go in depth on the topic of rattlesnakes which as you all know is one of my favorite species snakes. We talk about envenoming and the mechanics behind it and much more.