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Social Snakes | Rattlesnakes and Family Values

Melissa Amarello whom our audience may be familiar with from previous recorded interviews is back with us again of course we’re discussing social snakes but this time around she’s got a new project to boot! Advocates for Snake Preservation is her latest project encouraging education and outreach. Join us as we learn about rattlesnake families their behaviours and much more.

Field Herping the United States

Field Herping the United States takes a look into both sides of the field herping niche of herpetoculture & herpetology. Our guests this show are Chip Cochran of Loma Linda University & Rhett Stanberry of Florida.

Dr. Booth on Reptile Parthenogenesis

Courtesy of Wikipedia

One day while reading various science articles I happened to stumble upon an article that got my attention regarding reptile parthenogenesis. Owning parthenogenetic reptiles myself I was intrigued and read the article. I was floored to learn not only are there more parthenogenetic reptiles than I had thought but they were in captive environments and the implications of this are simply amazing. So I immediately spoke with Jo our Content Director and she set-up the interview with Dr. Warren Booth of University of Tulsa. Now you have the opportunity to not only learn about his incredible paper but you as a herpetoculturist can participate in his research! That’s right folks, he is calling on herpetoculturists to help in his research so what are you waiting for? Listen to the interview and get involved.