Marcia McGuiness Golden Gate Geckos

Knob Tailed Gecko
Golden Gate Geckos

Marcia McGuiness, what an awesome person to know, as Part of her awesome nature she is known as one of, if not the premier breeder of Geckos today. She is doing some awesome stuff with the Gecko family and she shares some crucial information in this episode about caring for Geckos. Soon, we will have her back on to talk about her super slurry which is something she invented and is used by veterinarians and universities alike. In this episode she takes us through the industry and what it means to her to be a breeder and tells us how she came to breed Geckos and what the future may hold. If you see Golden Gate Geckos on the next reptile show vendor list you must attend to see her line of Geckos! You can also get your hands on her Geckos at