Reptiles & Responsibility: Chris Law of Crocodopolis

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Chris Law formerly of Crocodoplis is a voice of reason within the din of the crowd of people agains the recent calls for legislation of the reptile industry as a whole. Recently Chris heard some things that really got him fired up and we took it upon ourselves to invite him back to talk to us and explain some truths as we see them within the reptile industry. Don’t forget to catch part 2 of this interview which is linked here.

2 thoughts on “Reptiles & Responsibility: Chris Law of Crocodopolis

  1. I really appreciate the perspectives I’m hearing here (inasmuch as to say that I agree with most of them). I’ve heard a lot of discussion that seems to be an all or nothing approach. I am the first person to agree that there are many species that are not appropriate for inexperienced keepers and many that are just not appropriate to sell without fully preparing the individual for the full implications of the creature (i.e. iguanas). It’s unfortunate that self-regulation doesn’t seem to be a viable option at the time because it is hard to trust someone not deeply involved in the hobby/lifestyle to understand the intricacies of keeping non-domesticated exotics. I am often quite frustrated by the lack of communication that goes out for the potential of invasive species. Not only that, but the lack of accountability for doing something irresponsible and putting the entire community at risk is unfortunate.
    I am from Ohio and am focused in educational outreach involving herptiles and arthropods and have been interested in watching what has been happening regarding exotic legislation for the past few years. The thing that I think about, however, as I listen to you talk about the downfalls of aggression and defensive responses is that it might behoove anyone involved to pick up a textbook on persuasive communication. There’s an entire field dedicated to it and significant amounts of research that are usually utilized for commercials and marketing. The power that just reading one of these things could have in regards to making ourselves heard could be immense. The textbooks are easy to get on amazon and although a lot of what they say sounds like common sense, there are a number of instances where it helps to know the statistically correct approach to a conversation or situation.
    The other interesting thing to look at for this is the books written by Dan Ariely on behavioral economics. He studies the decisions people make and the processes that go to make those decisions. It’s probably worth checking out.

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