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Reptilia Zoo

Reptilia Travel TrailerReptilia Zoo in Canada is like no other facility I’ve ever had the opportunity to visit. Many would think ‘Reptile Zoo’ and think of ramshackle thrown together enclosures with a staff with less knowledge than a first time keeper. Let me assure you with the likes of Dr. Ngo, Cheryl Sheridan, and Lee Parker at the helm of this incredible facility there is no way this should be thought of as a typical private zoo often portrayed in mass media. For starters listen to this interview then go and see our video we shot Reptilia Zoo.

Dr. DeRisi & Mark Stenglein: I.B.D & Beyond

Image courtesy of sciencedirect.com

Dr. DeRisi Howard Hughes Medical Investigator & Post Doctoral Fellow Mark Stenglein who published Identification, Characterization, and In Vitro Culture of Highly Divergent Arenaviruses from Boa Constrictors and Annulated Tree Boas: Candidate Etiological Agents for Snake Inclusion Body Disease which was published in the American Society for Microbiology caused somewhat of a stir in the reptile community. However, this stir was unfounded and was actually a result of poor journalism. As is often the case many in the reptile community and public at large both didn’t read the actual paper but based their judgements on what was reported in the news agencies. That being said, we asked Dr. DeRisi and Mr. Stenglein to come on the show and clarify just what this paper meant to the reptile community.

Reptile Round Table: Ohio Exotic Animal Legislation

In this edition of the Reptile Round Table we speak with Aaron Florian of iHerp and Chris Law of Crocodopolis talk with us exclusively about the impending legislation regarding the ownership of exotic animals in Ohio.