Troy Jones of Uro Ranch talks Uromastyx

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Troy Jones has been working with Uromastyx for some time and has been successful in the herpetoculture industry. We had the opportunity to speak with Troy about the Uromastyx species in general as well as what he has planned for the species in the future. You can always catch Troy at his website Uroranch

2 thoughts on “Troy Jones of Uro Ranch talks Uromastyx

  1. I own a yellow Nigerian Uromastyx which is suppose to be a male. But is not as brilliant in color as some I have seen online. In fact, he is more brown with a little yellow. He is suppose to be young but is about 11 inches. Can you help me in sexing it… Rick

    1. Sure Rick, send us pic of the underside and the head and we should be able to help. Thanks for listening to the show.

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