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Charles Schurman of Tundra Dragons

Charles Schurman of Tundra Dragons talks with us about what it takes to breed majestic dragons & much more in this incredible glance into the caves of a true Dragon breeder!

Gary Rolfe of Northampton Reptile Centre

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To say that Gary Rolfe is a reptile keeper would be an understatement. He is a force unto himself that has become one one of the best known reptile people in the United Kingdom. I met Gary through the social networks and we became quick mates through our passion for reptiles. In this interview, Gary reveals not only his sense of humor which makes him immediately well liked by anyone who meets him but also how he got ‘accidently’ started within the world of reptiles. He also tells us in depth behind the scenes of what happens around the Northampton Reptile Centre. They are one of if not the only reptile shop I know of that only sells captive bred reptiles. So join us won’t you as we get a behind the scenes tour of the life of Gary Rolfe and the Northampton Reptile Centre.

Troy Jones of Uro Ranch talks Uromastyx

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Troy Jones has been working with Uromastyx for some time and has been successful in the herpetoculture industry. We had the opportunity to speak with Troy about the Uromastyx species in general as well as what he has planned for the species in the future. You can always catch Troy at his website Uroranch