Rattlesnake Roundup Sweetwater, Texas

Mohave rattlesnakeRattlesnake Roundups in Sweetwater, Texas have been slaughtering thousands of pounds of rattlesnakes for many years. Think about that, thousands of pounds, average rattler weight, how many snakes is that? They are being brutally slaughtered for the entertainment, of humans? If this were any other species of animal the world would be up in arms! In this interview we speak with Ray Autry of Rise Against Rattlesnake Roundups who due to his intelligent planning and operation was able to go into the belly of the beast as it were and document the truth about what is happening there.

2 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Roundup Sweetwater, Texas

  1. Excellent presentation and great coverage of the Sweetwater roundup. Hopefully people will continue to change their priorities and use their experience for education instead of for destroying these amazing animals. Ray is truly an amazing man and we all stand behind him and his efforts to stop this slaughter.

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