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Reptile Shows & Expos: Do’s & Don’ts

Dixie Reptile Show by Terry Heuring

This week the Reptile Livingroom 2.0! Live! crew sits down with Terry Heuring of Dixie Reptile Show. Terry is truly the epitome of what reptile shows and expos should be all about. Not only is Terry providing the Dixie Reptile Show


To be fair to Terry he did say that may change slightly but he’s already been doing the reptile show circuit for eighteen years! In this incredibly candid interview Terry explains what you as a vendor can do increase your own sales, while at ANY show. He also speaks about being an attendee at a reptile show and what to expect. Quite honestly, this has to be the number one interview regarding anything with reptile shows and expos. If you aren’t able to watch the video version of the interview drop by our exclusive Audio library.

Brian Potter North American Reptile Breeders Conference

Courtesy of Golden Gate Geckos
Courtesy of Golden Gate Geckos

We managed to wrangle Brian Potter of the North American Reptile Breeders Conference at one of his shows . He’d taken a moment to breathe and we grabbed  him talk to us about what it takes to run a reptile show.  He goes in-depth about the day to day operations of reptiles shows from promotion all the way to the end of breaking down after the last day of the show.